Apr 26

blog header 300x135 River Inn at Seaside wins Nationwide Independent Lodging AwardSEASIDE, OR. – April 18th, 2017 – River Inn at Seaside has been awarded “Independent Hotel of the Year” at the annual 2017 AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association) conference.

During the awards ceremony held on April 13th, 2017 at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, River Inn at Seaside received the award as a national winner in the category of “Independent Hotel of the Year”. The award honors an independent hotel that sets a high standard of excellence in quality, service and guest satisfaction.

Masudur Khan, Managing Director and property manager, Cinthia Inzunza received the award in front of over 6,500 attendees making the annual AAHOA conference the largest gathering of lodging professionals anywhere.

“We are pleased to win “Independent hotel of the Year,” which is affirmation of our efforts and commitment. This is a huge achievement for our hotels, employees, business partners and community.” said Masudur Khan. “We are very grateful to our valued guests because without them this award would not be possible.”

Just recently River Inn at Seaside also ranked #57 out of 100 Best fan-favorite destinations by Oregon Business Magazine.

The AAHOA award ranks among the most prestigious national awards for excellent service and guest satisfaction in the hotel industry. Each year the AAHAOA board of directors and executive committee carefully review the candidate amongst hundreds of nominations to present the award at the world’s largest hotel conference and trade show.

About River Inn at Seaside:

Built in 2014 the River Inn at Seaside is Seaside’s newest hotel perched along the soothing Necanicum River and centrally located, just one block from downtown or two blocks to the beach. With 48 rooms and suites, the River Inn at Seaside is the ideal hotel for all who enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of the Northern Oregon coast, offering the comforts of home, in a convenient location.

About AAHOA:

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is a trade organization that represents Asian American hotel owners in the hospitality industry. It is the largest hotel owners association in the world. Founded in 1989, AAHOA as of 2016 has more than 16,000 members who operate more than 23,000 hotels, amounting to nearly 50% of all hotels in the United States. For more information visit www.aaoha.com

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Apr 10

Seaside in Clatsop County, Oregon, is a historic Summer resort dating back to the 1870s. A small idyllic town, Seaside is home to around seven thousand people. The place is steeped in history and is also an ecologically sensitive zone. Some of the star attractions at Seaside are the Gilbert House, Seaside Aquarium, which features marine life, Lewis & Clark Monument, Seaside Museum & Historical Society and Seaside Family Fun Park among others. We are going to explore highlights about the Seaside Family Fun Park:

Seaside Family Fun Park

Seaside Family Fun Park, aka Captain Kid Amusement Park, is located at 85911 US-101. The Park is usually open from 11 AM to 7 PM but do check the timings and also the date you are planning to visit. The facility doesn’t typically close but you wouldn’t have a surprise sprung upon you, so it is better to be sure it is open than miss out on the fun. Call (503) 738-2076 to find out more.

Seaside Family Fun Park enjoys an amazing location. Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, the sheer landscape is majestic. There is a plethora of games to keep both kids and adults enticed. Go-Kart Racing is perhaps the most popular activity. Kids would be thrilled with the authentic bumper cars at the park. In addition to the bumper cars, children can amuse themselves for hours playing arcade games such as Star Wars or Galaga among many others. There’s mini golf, which is not only fun for the little ones but also quite challenging for adults who haven’t perfected their short game.

Go-carts and mini golf make for a fun time but it is the hospitality and preparedness of the place that will impress you more. If kids don’t meet the height requirement in the go-carts, there are booster seats available. The ambiance is ideal for families. Everyone is jovial and the whole setting is safe and kid-friendly. The ticket prices are reasonable so large families or large groups would not have to bear egregious fees.

The Seaside Family Fun Park is a must for families with kids who are visiting Seaside.

Finding Accommodation in Seaside, Oregon

River Inn offers the finest accommodation in Seaside, Oregon. It is just five minutes from Seaside Family Fun Park or Captain Kid Amusement Park. Choose from any of the spacious 48 rooms and suites equipped with air conditioning, cable television, private bathrooms, hair dryer, refrigerators and microwaves. You would also get yoga mats and complimentary wireless internet among other facilities. There is a saltwater indoor heated pool & spa, fitness room, onsite fire pits, kids’ playground, free bike rentals, complimentary continental breakfast and DVD rentals. Our family friendly hotel hopes to host you during your visit to Seaside—book your stay today!

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Apr 01

Seaside in Oregon has become a tourist hotspot. The sparsely populated city is historically and ecologically significant. But it is the family tourist attractions in Seaside Oregon that are drawing people from all across the state and beyond. There is a plethora of options for family fun in Seaside Oregon. Finding family accommodations in Seaside Oregon is also a cakewalk. Let us explore why Seaside offers a great option for family travel.

Family Tourist Attractions in Seaside, Oregon

Most points of interest are effectively family tourist attractions in Seaside, Oregon, be it Seaside Aquarium or Tillamook Head, Camp 18 Museum or Clatsop Plains, Captain Kid Amusement Park or the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District and Sunset Beach.

  • Seaside Aquarium showcases marine life in all its glory and diversity. The marine life showcased at this Aquarium includes plumose to pipefish, red eye medusa to spiny lumpsucker, hairy hermit crab to high cockscomb, triton to seals. There are touch tanks where you can get in contact with marine organisms. You could also feed the seals. You can expand your understanding of marine organisms and the sheer diversity of wildlife by visiting this venue.
  • Del Ray Beach State Recreation Site is a popular attraction, primarily because of the possibilities. Families can plan a picnic, kids can build sandcastles, there is a horse trail and there is free access to the beach for kids to play around as the parents simply unwind and enjoy the Pacific coast.
  • Sunset Empire has a park where kids can play baseball, practice their swimming skills or engage in a plethora of activities. There is a fitness center too. The schedules of events change from Spring to Summer and Fall to Winter. Check the event calendar and the fees before you go.
  • Seaside Historical Society Museum may not entice every kid but it offers a nice exploration for parents with kids. There is something for everyone who has even a tinge of interest in history.

Clatstop Plains comprises of sand dunes and wetlands which are an amazingly idyllic place to be and great for bird watching. Tillamook Head and Camp 18 Museum are fascinating for both adults and kids. Captain Kid Amusement Park or what was known, as Seaside Family Fun Park, is a haven for go-cart and mini golf lovers.

Family Friendly Accommodations in Seaside, Oregon

River Inn is the best family accommodation in Seaside, Oregon. It is conveniently located to most family tourist attractions in Seaside, Oregon. The Captain Kid Amusement Park is less than two miles from the hotel. There are 48 spacious rooms and suites with cable, air conditioning, refrigerators and microwaves among other facilities. There are no booking or modification fees when you make reservations online directly with the hotel. Book your stay today at River Inn directly and save!

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Mar 15

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District is one of the most popular places to visit near Seaside Oregon if you are traveling with kids. Located on 1140 Broadway, the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District has a plethora of facilities. It is usually open throughout the year except all major holidays. The offices are closed on weekends too. Some facilities are closed at certain times of the year so you may want to check the calendar and scheduled events on http://www.sunsetempire.com/.

Things to Do in Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District has a skate park, multipurpose turf for various sports and a playing field. There is a sunset pool, youth center and community center. There are actually three pools in the facility, one smaller and for kids, one is larger and effectively a lap pool and there is a Jacuzzi. The lap pool is cooler, kids’ pool is relatively warmer and Jacuzzi is the warmest among the three. There is a pool slide which is at times closed during open swim times.

If you are interested in swimming, then you should check the timings. There are special timings for sessions, training lessons and specials. Members may get access to private events or training lessons. You could sign up for training lessons or you can use the open sessions. Tickets start from $5 and there are monthly and annual passes. There are general day passes as well. Next to the sunset pool is the skate park and the youth center is also at the same address. The community center is on 1225 Avenue A.

Skate Park and Youth Center

The skate park spans 10,500 sq. ft. with various bowls and ramps. There’s plenty of rail space. The skate park is a bustling haven with kids of different ages trying their skills. There are even some semi pros and a few pros who deck up their gear with cameras and record their skating adventure. The youth center hosts preschool and middle school programs. The facility can be rented beyond the normal operating hours. The main room can easily accommodate seventy five people. You can rent by the hour and use all its facilities, including pool table, table tennis and indoor play area.

Top Hotels in Seaside Oregon

If you are traveling with family or just enjoy the outdoors, a list of places to visit near Seaside Oregon would be incomplete without the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District. Check into River Inn for stylish Seaside Oregon accommodation and plan your outdoor activities today. Book your stay directly here on our website to get our lowest rates online!

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Mar 15

One of the most popular Seaside Oregon tourist places is the Seaside Museum & Historical Society. It is the first such seaside resort of Oregon. The exhibits showcase more than two thousand years of heritage of the place. There are artifacts dating back to 700 B.C. Other than the exhibits, there is a library, an archive of photographs and there is the beautiful Butterfield Cottage which is the sole cottage museum on the beaches of Oregon. The Seaside Museum & Historical Society stands out as much for its mesmerizing and well maintained grounds as it does for the exhibits, the credit of which largely rests on the volunteers who are passionate about their history, heritage and the retelling of their past ensuring authentic preservation of every significant attribute of the place.

Seaside history, the evolution of lives and times as documented by the locals, the anecdotes and authentic details you would come across, the interesting tidbits of Butterfield Cottage, the exhibits and the affordable tour make for a worthwhile visit. Just as you would easily save at our Seaside Oregon Hotel, the River Inn at Seaside, while being assured of all the comforts and convenience, the Seaside Museum & Historical Society offers an affordable yet extensive dive into the heritage of the place that will assure intellectual satiation.

Seaside Museum is not just for adults. Many people feel that kids would not be interested in the otherwise small museum, especially since there are exponentially larger ones in more touristy cities across the country. But what makes this museum unique is the nature of the exhibits. There are no million dollar antiques but the finer things that make a civilization unique are what you would get to explore. The knowledgebase of the people, especially the volunteers is also remarkable. History is as much about information or facts as it is about the emotional connect of the people with their own past. The volunteers are locals; most of whom have been living here from birth and feel a direct emotional connect with the artifacts and exhibits. Their story telling is what makes the tour more special.

Stay at a Top Ranked Seaside OR Hotel

Seaside Museum & Historical Society is not just one of the most popular Seaside Oregon tourist places where you would marvel at something new but you would actually be teleported back in time. The revelations and discoveries aside, you would feel in a different place at a different time here.

Stay at the River Inn and enjoy the local hotspots with ease. The River Inn Seaside is one of this Oregon community’s top hotel choices. Book your stay directly on our website where you will find our lowest rates and latest availability.

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Mar 10

There are many popular tourist attractions for visitors of Seaside to explore. With the long stretch of coastline, the famous promenade with spectacular ocean views, and the wide choice of recreational options, Pristine Beach presents one of the top attractions in Seaside, Oregon. Today, Seaside is one of the most popular seashore destinations on the US Northwestern coast.

Seaside Beach and Promenade

Seaside`s Pristine Beach is ideal for taking long romantic walks, for having family fun, and for trying interesting outdoor activities. You can enjoy scenic views of the Pacific Ocean or visit the popular Tillamook Rock Lighthouse and Tillamook Head. There are plenty of nice surfing spots like The Cove where you can watch surfers enjoying the waves, and if you want to learn more about surfing you can visit some of the many surf shops in the town. Alongside Seaside`s Cove shore you can look for seashells, sea stars, admire crabs and other fascinating sea creatures that often come to the shores. Seaside`s beach is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing, or for having a romantic picnic. The sunsets from Pristine Beach are breathtaking.

Alongside the beach, Seaside Promenade is another landmark, which is the main stage of many popular events in Downtown Seaside. Here you will notice many joggers, bike riders, and strollers as they enjoy magnificent views of the ocean. The Promenade was built back in 1908, but it was replaced by another structure in 1920. It still retains its old charm and vintage design, with the addition of many lampposts and benches. The Promenade is very popular for taking photos and it serves as a great backdrop to the beach.

If you travel several blocks away from the Promenade you will find many popular old Seaside attractions, like the Seaside Aquarium. Seaside Aquarium once served as saltwater natatorium and today it is a home to many sea creatures and different species of animals from the local ecosystem. Here you can feed seals, check out large skeletons of whales or admire exotic fish. Seaside Aquarium is one of the most popular attractions in the area, regularly visited by all visitors that come to Seaside, Oregon.

Where to Stay in Seaside

River Inn at Seaside is an affordable Seaside accommodation option, where you will definitely feel like at home. There is total of 48 rooms and suites to choose from, all equipped with many modern amenities. From this hotel, you have a quick access to all attractions in Seaside and you will be very close to Pristine beach. Most of our rooms have spectacular views of the Necanicum River and mountains and include private decks that will enhance your views of the scenic Oregon coast. Each hotel room is equipped with air conditioning, high-speed internet access, private bathrooms, hairdryers, cable TV, coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators and even yoga mats.

Our comfortable rooms and friendly staff guarantee that you will enjoy your holiday stay. No matter whether you are on business trip or want to have some family fun, the River Inn at Seaside is the best option for all your needs.

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Mar 01

Oregon and the picturesque and quaint coastal city of Seaside are full of interesting places to see and things to do. There are plenty of Seaside tourist attractions which you can visit, like the Seaside Aquarium, Arcadia Beach State Recreation Area, Seaside Carousel Mall, Antique Mall, Saddle Mountain Trail and much more. The State of Oregon is also known as a place where many movies have been filmed making it a popular setting for Hollywood pictures. You may wonder why Oregon has a rich movie industry. One of the main reasons for that is because Oregon has a very unique and picturesque landscape from the mountains to the rugged coast, so film directors can use the state as their backdrop for virtually any genre of film. The State of Oregon can be used as a setting for desert, mountains, rivers, sea, and for many other things. If you want to learn more about the movie industry of Oregon then you should go visit the popular Oregon Film Museum.

Oregon Film Museum – Things to Know

The Oregon Film Museum is a museum dedicated to the movies that have been filmed in The State of Oregon. It celebrates the rich movie history of Oregon and here you can see many interesting exhibits relating to the movies that were made in Oregon.

This museum is located in the former Clatsop County Jail in Astoria, Oregon, which also happens to be one of the historic places recorded in the National Register of Historic Places. The Oregon Film Museum was established in 2010, which was the 25th anniversary of a famous movie from 1985 – ‘The Goonies’, which was filmed in Oregon. Besides The Goonies’, other popular movies filmed in Oregon of which you can find different memorabilia in this museum include ‘Kindergarten Cop’, ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’, ‘Free Willy’, ‘Sometimes a Great Notion’ and ‘Twilight’. Various costumes and collectibles are on display in this museum inside the former prison cells. Visitors also have the opportunity to create own short films on small sets that feature professional green screens.

The Oregon Film Museum is usually very busy on the weekends and during Summer months. Because it is a relatively small museum, it is probably best to visit it during Fall or Winter months when you can interact with the movie sets without a hurry. The museum operates all year-round, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. between October and April, and from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. between May and September. The admission costs $6 for adults and $2 for children between ages 6-17.

Staying in Oregon

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Seaside Oregon then consider the River Inn at Seaside. Our hotel is located centrally along the quiet Necanicum River, very close to Downtown Seaside. Our hotel is ideal for those that want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Northern Oregon coast. You can take advantage of our salt water indoor heated pool & spa facilities, rent a bike, try out our fitness rooms, or just relax in one of our comfortable rooms.

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Feb 15

Oregon is a beautiful state located in the United States of America. Millions of people from all around the world visit this state every year. They are completely correct when they say that it’s one of the most beautiful places that they have visited. There are many things to do in Seaside, Oregon. This city is beautiful to visit, and you’ll do well to invest some time into exploring this beautiful location. One place that we believe to be a must-see is the Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site.

The Beauty of Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site

A recreation site is exactly what the name suggests. A place where you can get around with your family and friends and enjoy a day of fun and recreation.

There are many things you could be doing in this place. For one, you might be wielding a kite, and everybody knows that kids love kites. So, you’ll be enjoying a pleasant day with your kids by flying a kite at the beautiful Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site.

There are many other things you could be doing as well. For instance, you might bring a ball along with you. And then the world is yours. There are dozens, if not hundreds of different ball games that you could be playing with your friends, or even by yourself if you’re creative enough. Either way, you could be having a lot of fun at this place if you have a ball at hand.

Having a picnic is yet another option you could be enjoying at this place. Bring a sheet to sit on, and bring some food and beverages. And there you go, a fantastic picnic if there ever was one. The art of the good picnic is an old-school method of bonding with other people. If you’ve never had a picnic before, then now is the perfect time to give it a shot and enjoy bonding with your friends over food and drinks, at the Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site.

The area is excellent for playing with sand as well. Kids love to play with sand, and they can now build all sorts of different structures, from castles to houses, to sand people and everything else in between. You will enjoy this, guaranteed.

Where to Stay

The area of the Del Rey Beach State recreation site is full of opportunities for finding a perfect accommodation. But we’d like to recommend that you visit River Inn at Seaside. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best accommodations available. Our staff is extremely friendly and considerate of your needs, so we have an inkling you will love every second of your stay at our hotel. And from then on you can freely enjoy exploring the beautiful location of the Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site.

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Feb 09

Seaside is a relatively small city and a popular holiday destination located 90 minutes from Portland. This town is known for its breathtaking ocean views as well as numerous attractions that will keep any visitor busy and happy for days. For instance, visitors can enjoy many restaurants that provide fresh seafood, walk or bike on exciting trails, explore the sandy beaches and discover various attractions throughout the area. While there is much to see and do in Seaside, we wanted to highlight the following five things to do while visiting.

Top 5 Places in Seaside Oregon

Seaside Aquarium

The Seaside Aquarium is known as one of the oldest and biggest aquariums on the West Coast. It started as a natatorium and later worked as an indoor saltwater public bath. The building was first opened in the early 1920s, and later became a privately owned aquarium in 1937. Today, this aquarium has dozens of species of fish, octopuses and other marine life like sea stars, moray eels, and wolf eels. The Seaside Aquarium is also known for the first program to breed harbor seals.

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District

The Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District provides learning, fitness, and aquatic recreational opportunities. It also provides other recreational and fitness events like after school activities, preschool activities, and camps. Those who are fans of an active lifestyle will enjoy this park. It is a perfect place for those who are visiting Seaside with their family.

Clatsop Plains

This is an area that represents a mixture of sand dunes and wetlands located between the Pacific Ocean and Northern Oregon Coast Range, just a few miles north of Seaside. There is a range of beautiful trails that are used by hikers and cyclists to explore the area that was once inhabited by the Clatsop Indians. While you are there you can view the unique types of the flora and fauna in this area. Clatsop Plains are home to an endangered species of butterflies – the Oregon Silverspot.

Seaside Museum and Historical Society

This is a non-profit educational organization focused on collecting, preserving and interpreting materials related to the history of Seaside and the surrounding area. The Seaside Museum and Historical Society offers a great way to learn about the history of Seaside through exhibits that cover more than two millennia of Seaside’s history. There are artifacts that are over 2,700 years old found there.

Del Ray Beach State Recreation Site

Finally, if you enjoy outdoor activities and nature, visit the Del Ray Beach State Park located north of Seaside.

Where to Stay in Seaside

There is more than one reason why Seaside should be your next destination. Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District, Del Ray Beach State Recreation Site, Clatsop Plains, Seaside Aquarium and Seaside Museum are just a few of the exciting things to see that will leave you impressed. As you begin your search for a place to stay in Seaside, make sure to add River Inn hotel to your list. The River Inn Hotel is a new hotel with charming rooms equipped with everything you need and an experienced staff that look forward to serving you during your stay.

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Jan 31

Seaside is a small city on the Oregon Coast that has recently grabbed the attention of many travelers. This amazing city is situated in an area that has beautiful nature and many historical sites. There are many other things to do in Seaside because the city has some interesting man made attractions too. The beautiful scenery, the relaxed atmosphere, and amazing sights make Seaside an attractive romantic destination as well. There are many romantic things to do in Seaside too, and if you want to learn more about them, keep reading because we have summarized the best options in one location for you.

The Romantic Side of Seaside

Watch the Sunset

Some people may find this suggestion to be a little bit cliché, but those that do have probably never visited Seaside. If you want to experience something truly romantic, go to any place in Seaside, optimally a beach, and admire the vivid colors as the sun goes down beyond the Pacific Ocean. You can also visit the promenade if you want to sit back and relax.

Enjoy the Blooms

Seaside is known for the attractive pocket gardens and the interesting hanging baskets located mostly in the central shopping district, Broadway. It’s good to know that these pocket gardens are ever changing, so you can enjoy different experiences throughout the year.

Take a Plane or Helicopter Ride

Those who are trying to mix an adrenaline rush and romance will find these plane and helicopter rides and tours very interesting. We can all agree that it’s quite romantic to hold hands with your partner while you are flying over the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the views of Seaside. You can also fly over the dense forests around Seaside. In any case, this is a unique experience that you can witness only in Seaside.

Paddle Around

Seaside is also known for the many riverways. These riverways offer picturesque avenues for canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Rent a paddle boat and explore Seaside with your date from a completely different point of view.

Flying Kites

If you and your partner share a love of kites, use this opportunity to fly one on the beach. According to kite fans, Seaside is an ideal spot for this activity because there are miles of open sandy beach and perfect wind.

Visit a Local Restaurant

Visiting a local restaurant should definitely be on any list of romantic date ideas in Seaside. The good news is that this city has some great restaurants like Bagels by the Sea, Nonni s Italian Bistro, Sea Star Gelato, Seaside Coffee House and Buoy’s Best Fish House.

Staying in Seaside

With all the romantic activities that Seaside has to offer, it is no surprise why this city should be your next destination. The beauties of the nature around Seaside and fine dining options will leave you and your partner in awe. In case you are interested in a place to stay here, take a look at the River Inn at Seaside. We are one of the most popular hotels in Seaside thanks to our great rooms, friendly staff and modern amenities.

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