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January 15, 2018

Whale Watching in Seaside OR

Your trip to Seaside, Oregon would be incomplete without whale watching. There are certain things you just have to do when you visit a particular place. Of all the tourist attractions in Seaside OR, whale watching is perhaps the most awe-inspiring and rewarding as you see these leviathans of the sea in their natural habitat. Sign up for Whale Watching in Seaside, Oregon You can always get to one of the hotspots and watch from the shore as the whales migrate north during spring and south during...
April 15, 2018

Vacation in Seaside, OR

About Seaside, Oregon Seaside, Oregon is historically one of the most popular and most visited areas along the Oregon Coast, but with a population of nearly 7,000 people and with lots of tourist attractions, this isn’t all that surprising. Some things to do and some places to visit in Seaside, OR are the Seaside Aquarium or the Seaside Carousel Mall.  The Seaside Aquarium was founded in 1937 and is considered one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast. The aquarium itself was pri...
June 15, 2018

The Seaside Rainforest: Tillamook Head Trail

Seaside, OR is one of the most inviting coastal cities to vacation in the state. This charming little city is full of many adventurous and entraining surprises, as well as an innumerable amount of awe-striking views of the sea. However, nothing compares to the views provided by the Tillamook Head Trail, which sports a fascinating history in addition to a fantastic spectacle of Oregon’s own coastal rainforest. About the Tillamook Head Trail The Lewis and Clark Monument is not the only sta...
July 15, 2018

Begin Your Own Expedition

You are finding yourself staying in Seaside, Oregon and wondering what are some of the things to do around this beautiful town? If you are feeling adventurous, and even a bit nostalgic for times before your own, why not recreate a portion of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery expedition by hiking along the Tillamook Head Trail. Beginning at the southernmost edge of Sunset Boulevard in Seaside, this historic trail is broken up into three parts, totaling 12.2 miles round trip, should you b...
July 15, 2018

A Day of Fun Downtown and at Tillamook Head Trail

Seaside, Oregon, located on the Northern Oregon Coast, only 90 miles away from Portland, is an ideal destination for tourists who love the great outdoors. Seaside and surrounding cities offer high rated restaurants, endless sandy beaches, bustling city life, breathtaking and endless nature reserves and natural beauty, theatre and art culture, majestic rolling hills and rich history. During your visit, stop by Downtown and Tillamook Head Trail.  Visit Downtown Seaside and Tillamook Head Tra...
October 15, 2018

Explore the Providence Festival of Trees

Seaside, Oregon is a wonderfully festive coastal city that makes for a perfect place to vacation when it concerns the Christmas season. It’s in this city that you’ll discover all sorts of festivals and lighting ceremonies designed to bring people closer during this season of giving and celebration. Seaside is known best for being a beautiful place to bask in the sheer majesty of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the unparalleled nature of the surrounding nature preserves. For those in se...
October 15, 2018

Attend the Seaside Artisan Fair

Seaside is a wonderful coastal city in Oregon to vacation, especially during the holiday season. Not only is this city an exceptionally beautiful seaside oasis, but there is no city more festive than this one during the winter and fall seasons. It’s during this time of year that all sorts of Christmas and Thanksgiving themed festivities, wherein people of all kinds are invited to join in the holiday cheer. The Seaside Artisan Fair is an example of one of these sorts of events, which we who...
August 31, 2020

Sunset at the Beach

    One of the best things about staying at River Inn at Seaside is combining the warm feeling of home with the exciting anticipation of knowing a new adventure is around every corner. What’s your favorite part of staying at the beach                     As we arrived at River Inn at Seaside we were warmly greeted by Aime at the front desk, who explained all of the amenities the hotel has to of...
September 04, 2020

The Cove at Seaside

  Regardless of the weather, during your stay at River Inn at Seaside be sure to check out The Cove. It is the ideal spot for visitors to embrace the beauty of what our gorgeous Oregon coast has to offer.        If you enjoy the carefree feeling of fresh saltwater tickling your toes as you walk along the sand, The Cove is the perfect place to kick off your shoes. Don't forget your kite as well!             ...
September 04, 2020

Bike Rentals & Boardwalk

      The beach in Seaside is one of my favorite spots on the Oregon coast. It has a long, soft sandy beach with a beautiful wide promenade to meander and watch the sunset. Whenever I go, I reserve lodging at the River Inn. One of the many reasons is that I get a free beach cruiser bike rental included in my stay. I use it to enjoy the sights around town.                       The front d...
September 18, 2020


        Looking to create memories with your family? I was too, when I began researching hotels and activities to do with my family in Seaside, Oregon. After much searching, I decided to stay at the River Inn because of its beautiful views of the Necanicum River, special packages, and particularly because of its location to the beach and downtown Seaside.           One of the best places we visited was the Funland Arcade a...
October 02, 2020

Kids Play Package Add-On

  River Inn at Seaside goes above and beyond to make fun ready at your fingertips. Next time you come, be sure to add a Kids Play Package to your stay. This fun bundle includes a souvenir sand bucket & shovel, so you don’t need to worry about bringing sand toys with you. It also includes two refreshing juices for little ones to stay hydrated while playing at the beach. Plus, not one, but two whimsical kites creating fun for both children and their parents. Of ...
October 02, 2020

A Day in the Life #1

      Waking up at River Inn at Seaside offers a thoughtful surprise of a yoga mat in each guest’s room. The favorite way to enjoy this is to lay out the mat on the room's balcony overlooking the river. Spend the first moments of your day breathing in the fresh ocean air, taking in the beautiful mountain views, and getting in your movement early as you flow through a sun salutation.                 ...
October 06, 2021


Autumn comes with its ecstasy of sweetness in the air and its symphony of color in the forest. The often crisp clear days and mild temperatures combine to create an incredible atmosphere in one of the most unique locations on the West Coast: the Oregon Coast. It’s no wonder that most Oregonians cite fall as their favorite season. Read on to discover how to have the ultimate fall getaway as you spend your trip to the Oregon Coast in October. Whether you are traveling for a special family oc...
December 19, 2021


  If you think of blue skies and tranquil shores when you picture a coastal getaway, then a winter vacation to the Oregon coast might not seem so traditional and enticing at first. But to ignore our jaw-dropping scenic shoreline with its striking force and majestic cliffs is to omit an exceptional destination with scenery unlike anywhere else. Oregonians know the coast’s wild unpredictability and they take any chance they can get to travel to the mighty Pacific ocean because it i...