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Discover the Wildlife Diversity at Haystack Rock near Seaside, OR

December 20, 2017
Category: Seaside Attractions

Canon beach has been called the most beautiful beach in the world by National Geographic. It certainly is a heavenly place to visit, with its clear, waters and almost picture like beauty. The beach is the epicenter of nature’s beautiful creations, with colorful tide pools, stunning rock formations and mesmerizing sandy beaches up and down the coastline. The haystack rock is one of the many magnificent rock formations offering its list exotic activities for you.

About the Haystack Rock

The beautiful rock formation is located on Cannon beach and is said to be a staggering 235 feet high from sea level. Although at high tide, the rock is difficult to reach, you can easily access it at low tide. Experts say that the rock was formed millions of years ago by the flowing lava collecting in the area. The original roc is now a part of the Oregon Natural wildlife refuge and the intertidal area is currently one of the seven protected marine gardens. The locals often call it the third tallest rock structure in the world!

Enjoy the beaches you walk to the rock amid the cold fresh breeze from the ocean. You can also have a one of a kind experience of filtering through sea stars, anemone, crabs, and limpets in the tide pools to your heart’s content. You can entertain yourself with the display of colorful sea life that surfaces in the tide pools at low tide and relish in the deep undersea beauty. The sea stars and the large green anemone are some of the most colorful and prominent sea creatures that you can spot in the tide pools.

Haystack rock is also known for its elaborate display of stunning birds throughout the year. You can discover the wildlife diversity that haystacks rock has to offer. One bird that is the characteristic of the place is the Tufted Puffins. These birds are best viewed between June and July as they nest in the other months. You can also get the chance to see a number of there seabird species including, stunning western gull or the [pigeon guillemot and the Black oystercatcher amid its feeding session as well. It always a treat to watch these birds from the cliff, busy about their everyday business.

Although, the rock is open for visit for a longer time its best to visit it at low tide to avail the most out of your visits. Tides change, so it’s best to contact the area before paying a visit. The best times to visit is an hour before low tide, as the water starts to pool in the tide pools bringing in all sorts of exotic sea things to see.

Stay at River Inn at Seaside

The Haystacks rock is within 9 miles of the River Inn at seaside which you can conveniently visit within about 15 minutes. Situated along the calm Necanivum River, the inn is a picture of calm and soothing beauty. It is ideal for those who prefer to stay out of the hustle and bustle of the daily life. The hotel is equipped with modern amenities and a calm ambiance to provide you with a one of a kind experience. You can also enjoy the saltwater pool by the side or stay warm against the on-site fire pits. The kids can also have their share of the fun in the playgrounds built to entertain them. Yet, all of these services are offered at a very reasonable price to ensure that you have a comfortable, stress-free stay.