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River Inn at Seaside – Cannon Beach

November 20, 2017
Category: Seaside Attractions

Cannon beach is a small city in Clatsop County, Oregon, United States, having a population of about 1,690, as at 2010 when a census was held. William Clark, the first American to visit the environment, was one of the leaders of Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805, located about 20miles away from the North near the Columbia River.

Cannon beach

In 1806,Clark and several of his colleagues completed a three days journey to the site of the beached whale where they encountered a group of Americans from the Tillamook tribe. Clark and his companions met with these men and bought some blubber and some whale oil from them for about 300pounds before they returned to FlotClatsop. To commemorate the meeting of clarks group and the tillamooks, a wooden whale sculpture was placed at the northern end of Hemlock sreet and clark applied the name “EKOLI” to it, which is now called Ecola Creek. In 1922, Ecola Creek was then redubbed Cannon Beach. It was reported at a time, that there was consequent flooding that submersed parts of Cannon Beach and washed away the highway bridge and this city became isolated from the high way. To attracts visitors, the cannon beach hold a castle contest (building with sand) yearly in June.

Cannon Beach is a scenic tourist resort and a destination for tourists all over the world. This is because of its proximity to Portland, Oregon. It is also a good place for a weekend gateway spot for many Portlanders. Additionally, the cannon beach also holds an annual Fourth of July Parades. There is yet another fun event – ‘Spring Unveiling’. It is an annual festival of arts that takes place on the first Sunday in the month of May by the city’s galleries. There is also an annual late fall festival known as “Stormy Weather Arts Festival” that take place every November where numerous artists from the Pacific Northwest come to showcase their artwork in the local galleries. The Cannon Beach has also appeared in several films which includes “the Goonies, Twilight, Hysterical and Point Break. One more thing to look out for in the city is its landmark “HAYSTACK ROCK”. This is a well known, iconic landmark of the cannon beach that is located downtown cannon beach, towards the southwest area. There are also four different park within the city where you can catch all the fun you need.

River Inn at seaside

A small city with a great package for entertainment lovers – ‘cannon beach’ is located just few miles away from the river inn seaside. If you do not want to stay right in the city, but still want to catch every bit of the fun within the city, you can always lodge somewhere close by and river inn is the perfect place for you. We offer you comfort, hospitality and the best of lodging experience. You can make your reservations directly at