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The Seaside Rainforest: Tillamook Head Trail

June 15, 2018
Category: Things To do

Seaside, OR is one of the most inviting coastal cities to vacation in the state. This charming little city is full of many adventurous and entraining surprises, as well as an innumerable amount of awe-striking views of the sea. However, nothing compares to the views provided by the Tillamook Head Trail, which sports a fascinating history in addition to a fantastic spectacle of Oregon’s own coastal rainforest.

About the Tillamook Head Trail

The Lewis and Clark Monument is not the only standing relic of the Lewis and Clark expedition throughout the western portion of the United States in Seaside, OR. The Tillamook Head Trail represents the journey by which the group traversed in 1806, in search of whale blubber. This lead the expedition through a remarkable forest that seemed wildly out of place in the United States. It was on this journey that the group noted the gorgeous view of the ocean offered along the trail, including those which the trail’s unique landmarks provide.

These unique landmarks include the 1000 foot cliff which the trail leads to; from this cliff, islands of shore from the city can be witnessed. This 3.6-mile loop requires a bit of hiking, as the trail transcends an elevation of 900 feet. Through the entire journey, you will be given passage through a jungle-like forest. This is what makes the Tillamook Head Trail so unique: the forest appears to be more like a rainforest than a traditional forest. The Tillamook Rock Light can also be seen from the trail, as it is also an important part of the trail’s history.

The Tillamook Rock Light is a lighthouse located 1.2 miles from the shore near Tillamook Head. Opened in 1881, the Tillamook Rock Light was once the most expensive lighthouse in the West Coast but was later closed in 1957, in part due to the fact that is was incredibly dangerous to reach the island by boat.

The Tillamook Trail is open 24 hours daily, and admission per vehicle is $3 for an all-day parking pass in the parking lot. Conveniently within range of the Tillamook Head Trail is the River Inn at Seaside. This inn provides impressive guest amenities and friendly staffing making it the ideal place to stay in while hiking this trail.

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