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Top things to do in the Gearheart Ocean State Park

December 15, 2017
Category: Tourist Attractions

The Gearheart ocean state park is an amazing beach in Oregon with beautiful sands and a clear rushing blue sea. If you want the complete beach experience this is the place to visit. With its tranquil waves and vast open beaches, you can enjoy a number of beach activities, have picnics, take rides or even go horseback for a change!

About the Gearheart ocean state park

The park is situated in Clatsop County in Oregon near the village Gearheart. The city of Gearheart is thought to be a bustling city. Instead, it’s a peaceful town located 10 miles from Oregon. The Gearheart ocean state park is a wide beach where you can walk and enjoy the soft clean sand against your bare feet or you could drive along! It is one of the few beaches in Oregon that give you the opportunity to enjoy the beach on wheels, soaring by the fresh ocean air.

The park provides you with the complete beach experience that you can enjoy with your family. Opt to build sandcastles in the soft sand or walk along the beach collecting exquisite seashells to add to your collection. The beach is also one of the serene, scheduled spots, ideal for relaxing. As the park is away from the noisy cities, you can meditate and enjoy peacefulness with the calm sea lapping at your feet. If you are keen on horseback riding, you can also rent a pony for a short ride on the beach. It certainly is a unique experience for both adults and children. Along with the open Gearheart ocean state park, there are a number of other interesting attractions around the place as well.

You can enjoy an unspoiled beach experience in the Gearheart seaside area or camp out at Fort Stevens which is within 2 miles of Gearheart state park. You can either bring your own tents or avail the variety of tents present on the campsite. Why waste the fascinating chance of experiencing the historical civil war displays or the stunning night out beside the ocean?

Gearheart is a renowned golfer’s heaven as well. The golfer’s communities date back to as long as the 1800s with the sport still going strong at the moment. If you feel like enjoying a good golfing course, experience the two built-in Gearheart with stunning views and highly maintained surroundings. It will certainly be a game to remember. The park is open 24 hours a day, providing visitors the luxury of visiting when they please. However, the best time is around 3 Pm when you can experience the beach in all its glory.

Stay at River Inn at Seaside

The Gearheart Ocean state park is within a 20-minute drive from the River Inn at seaside. The inn offers you a comfortable experience with hospitable services, added features including a saltwater pool and playgrounds for children, all within an affordable price range. Enjoy a peaceful stay away from the noisy cities to enjoy your holiday with leisure.