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Whale Watching in Seaside OR

January 15, 2018
Category: Things To do

Your trip to Seaside, Oregon would be incomplete without whale watching. There are certain things you just have to do when you visit a particular place. Of all the tourist attractions in Seaside OR, whale watching is perhaps the most awe-inspiring and rewarding as you see these leviathans of the sea in their natural habitat.

Sign up for Whale Watching in Seaside, Oregon

You can always get to one of the hotspots and watch from the shore as the whales migrate north during spring and south during the winter. There are many places wherefrom you can conveniently view the migrating whales without struggling to spot them. You could be at Ecola State Park or at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and catch a glimpse of whales breathing at the water’s surface in the distance. Alternatively, you could sign up for a whale watching tour. There are plenty of whale watching tours disembarking from Seaside. You can hop on a boat and sail right where the action is and the close up encounters with the mighty mammals will be a sight to behold. There is no major risk when you hire a charter, even if you have kids. Avoid sailing on your own unless you are with a local sailor with sufficient experience.

Whales migrate northward during spring and southward during winter. It is true that you may be able to spot a gray whale anytime of the year but the best whale watching seasons are spring and winter. Travel in December or January and you will find whales just around five miles from the coast. The whales migrate northward and at a much slower pace so for spring offers a better time for whale watching. Throughout spring, the gray whales will be within a mile and many would come half a mile close to the coast. The best time to spot and gaze at whales is early morning.

It is important you choose a reliable tour operator and that you clearly know what to expect. Be dressed for the occasion and have the necessary equipment. Dress warmly if it is winter and definitely layer up. Bring blankets or windbreakers during spring. The weather offshore is not exactly cozy as compared to the promenade in Seaside. Have a set of binoculars and search the horizon for whale flukes!

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